Thoughts on the Final Project

For my final project, I think I’m deciding to head towards Futurama to analyze. The show is different from your typical animated comedy taking that it takes place in the future. It also has many underlying themes and crude behaviors for audiences of all sorts.

  1. The show initially attracted me because it took place in the future. No one in society truly knows what the future holds. With this show, it provides viewers with a creative reality on what life on Earth could be sometime in the future. It’s funny seeing inventions from our present talked about as garbage in the future and the many spin-offs of characters and Earth’s history.
  2. Specifically, the character “Bender” is very funny. Not that I an relate to him but his comedy and how he approaches situations are unlike how someone normally would. He’s rude, inappropriate and crude. He’s entertaining.
  3. Compared to Family Guy, both shows are very similar with their inappropriate humor and spin on present day figures. However, they both take place during separate time periods which allows Futurama to expand more and get creative with futuristic concepts and ideas.
  4. Within the show, there are a few relationships that I think are very interesting. For one, Professor with the entire gang is like a very thin one. Everyone loves the Professor but throughout many episodes they push him to the side or straight out ignore him. However, because he is so old and oblivious, he doesn’t care and continues to work with everyone. Another interesting relationship is the one between Leela and Fry. Fry has always liked Leela since the very beginning, however, nothing really comes of it. Fry continues to hit on Leela through episodes, trying to get with her or date her. However, the relationship never moves on and the two of them seem to be stuck in this awkward limbo of “almost better than friends”.

Overall, I like Futurama a lot and I think I would like to do my final project on it. However, I also believe I should maybe focus of a show that has more substance and plot.


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