Pollsters Wrong- America Lied?

With the very recent results from the 2016 presidential election, quite a few were shocked to see that Donald Trump would come in to snatch the presidential candidacy. Data was pooled in from around the country saying whether Hillary or Donald would win what state and voter demographics of who would support either candidate. However, through the endless amounts of polling and voting data, America was wrong.

For one, I consider myself to be an independent voter who tends to lean slightly to the right, dependent on situations and politicians. I, like many Americans, voted for Donald Trump. However, prior to November 8th, whenever I was asked about my political views or my stance, I would refuse to speak. Many Americans were in my shoes when it came to verbally admitting that they wanted Trump to take office. Pollsters would ask who one favored and some would deny to comment or admit their true beliefs. With that in play, the polls were skewed and America was off on the prediction that Hillary would win the presidential election.

Before the election took place, these “confirmed” polls were broadcast through the media, creating this sense that Hillary was going to win. Many who watched CNN, or other liberal news networks saw that Hillary was in the lead throughout the country. It would just be a matter of the election day to make the prediction a reality.

Americans tend to believe almost anything they see on television these days; especially news networks. Usually one will gather their information from one news source rather than from an array of perspectives. No one knew the polls would be wrong down the road. They believed what they wanted and moved onto the next issue at stake.

I guess this goes to show that America can’t trust the data that is presented to us. Even the facts aren’t always factual. Unfortunately, many had faith that Hillary would win the election. The boost from the predictions only fueled the fire, only to be smothered early Wednesday morning by Donald Trump’s victory.

USA: Pollsters Wrong?


2 thoughts on “Pollsters Wrong- America Lied?

    • I think they were definitely skewed because many were afraid to fully admit they supported Trump.
      I think “no shows” were primarily because they didn’t register or couldn’t. If people felt strongly about the election, they would’ve done anything to vote in time.


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