Harambe and The Chainsmokers

So back in May of 2016, a 13 year old child fell into the enclosure of the gorilla exhibit of the Cincinattii Zoo. Here, the child was comforted and protected by the gorilla, Harambe. Unfortunately, the Zoo was in a panic about the safety for the little boy and decided to not tranquilize Harambe but shoot him, killing him instantly. Since the incident, many people around the country have been in an uproar in how the situation was handled.

The Chainsmokers, a current popular musical group recently came out with a song called “Closer”. The song has over 38 million listens on Youtube.com. With the recent death of Harambe and “Closer” coming out, it was time for a parody. “Not So Dank” went to work and created a song about Harambe’s uneventful death to the tune of “Closer” by The Chainsmokers.

This is a great example of Postmodern content due to the remake of the actual song, “Closer”. This song takes a subject that many feel strongly about. The original song’s score is in tact, however, the actual lyrics are changed, telling the story of Harambe and the incident instead. By having a very popular song as a platform, it draws in more people to watch the content to see what it is about.

There are numerous of parodies on the internet about Harambe and people singing songs over others. These projects reform typical content and put a postmodern spin on it. Old content that people were tired of watching soon becomes new, different content that intrigues audiences.

Original song: The Chainsmokers: Closer

Harambe Version: “Harambe” – Takka


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