Halloween for a “Modern Family”

In S:2, E:6, “Halloween” of Modern Family, everyone is getting together for Halloween in the hopes of putting on the scariest and creepiest house on display for tick-or-treaters. However, nothing really seems to go as planned and the plan to have the scariest house on the block goes another way. The episode sheds light on some interesting issues such as race, sexuality and family.

Gloria, a Spanish woman has a thick accent. Sometimes it’s hard for the family to understand what she is saying. However, in this particular episode, Jay continuously makes fun of her accent, telling her “I may have noticed some tiny little mistakes in how you [Gloria] speak”. Manny also begins to correct Gloria through the episode, almost making fun of her Spanish accent. She cannot help it as that it is how she talks. It is not normal for an episode to out front make fun of an accent. However, I believe it is to be awareness to the fact that it does happen.

Throughout the episode, Claire, the wife, is getting pumped for Halloween night. She almost gets so excited that she begins to not care about the family. Phil talks about how their neighbor’s wife just left their neighbor and how upset he is. Claire has him set to play as the scarecrow for the night, however, Phil doesn’t believe he really should, especially with such sad news. A normal person would take the neighbor’s condition into consideration and maybe not use him for the haunted house. Claire, on the other hand doesn’t seem to care, an abnormality of your typical and loving family. It shows the family is not your average one and operates on a different level than other stereotypical ones would.

Lastly, the show incorporates a gay couple which is great for an inclusive community. When the episode came out back in 2010, topics such as gay couples were very “out there” and “abnormal”. However, Modern Family wanted to not be your typical, modern family. By having such a diverse family, the episodes seem like they can go in any direction, really allowing for freedom to explore cultural differences.


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