Apple’s Dilema with Microsoft Laptops


It seems that with the unveiling of the Windows Surface Pro 10 by Microsoft, Apple has taken a step back and is stalling on the reveal of their new Macbook Pro. The Surface Pro and the Macbook Pro both have similar features including a touch screen and touch pad. However, Microsoft has beaten Apple to the reveal and Microsoft now has an edge over Apple; for once.

Apple’s technology has become very popular in the past few years with the release of new iphones and other Apple products. The most popular and most purchased laptop computer has been the Macbook. With a sleek design and state of the art computing program, it has always surpassed Microsoft’s technology. However, Apple has always lacked the touch screen feature until this new Macbook. On the other hand, Microsoft’s main selling point was the touch screen and ability to write on a tablet with a stylist.

As far as I can see, Microsoft was very smart in revealing their Surface Pro before the Macbook because the features are very similar. If Apple were to release their product now, there really wouldn’t be any major selling point to their touch surface and consumers wouldn’t see any significant difference. Apple’s touch surface is technologically advanced, however, because it mirrors the Surface Pro, many will see Apple as a copying company and not favor it. Microsoft has the upper hand here and is using it to the best of their advantage.

As well as a touch screen, Microsoft has also developed new Virtual Reality (VR) head gear, an internal artificial intelligence and new color palettes that are more technologically advanced than Apple. It’s my hopes that Microsoft and Windows will become the new Apple and put Apple in the dust. I’m tired of this monopoly that Apple has and it’s time that Microsoft shows them who’s boss.

Business Insider: Apple v.s. Microsoft

Business Insider: Microsoft’s Edge on Apple



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