“Vine” mobile app will soon be discontinued by Twitter

Vine, a mobile application, lets users share a video up to six seconds with other application users. The app was released back in 2013 when it received a huge following. To this day, it still has many users. However, Twitter just released a statement saying that they will be taking over the app and restructuring it to fit the needs of Twitter. The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, states that they will be “making the necessary changes to ensure Twitter is positioned for long-term growth”.

I think this is a huge step for Twitter. With the ever growing competition of Snapchat and Instagram, video sharing has never been so huge. Video sharing originally started on YouTube, connecting people from around the world. Snapchat has seemed to do that and much more as well as Instagram but with different layouts and styles. Twitter claims to have a clear vision of how they want the organization to move. Competition is huge in the social media age right now and it seems that Twitter is really the only one to not have made a huge transition recently. I think this acquisition will really put them in the lead with Snapchat and Instagram as far as media content sharing goes.

Seeing that Vine always had a big following, I have no doubt that the acquisition to Twitter will be no problem. I really think many will be excited for the new release of the program. Seeing how other companies like Snapchat have developed their app to continuously expand their audience outreach, Twitter seems to be following their footsteps. Hopefully they will potentially take some of those followers for themselves too. Until the new Vine-incorporated release, Twitter is going to keep everything really a secret to the public. I’m really excited to see what new features will come of this!

Twitter Discontinues Vine Mobile App



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