Family Guy, An Animated Comedy (S:3 E:2)

Family Guy is an animated TV series that currently airs on FOX and releases new episodes every week. Family Guy is most known for its comedic take on very controversial topics and subjects, all of which that take place in the sitcom setting of a “typical” family home.

In this particular episode, Brian the dog, decides to move out to L.A. in hopes of landing a job in the TV and film writing industry. However, things don’t go as planned when he gets into directing pornography instead! The topic is comical and is very bizarre. Not to say that this sort of thing cannot happen but the topics are just out-of-the-world crazy! Parallel to Brian’s plot, the rest of the family decide that Stewie should audition for a show so they can be flown to L.A. to visit Brian. The TV interview is filled with curses and makes fun of how stupid the show is while referencing many different people like Jack Nicholson. After the interview, Peter, the father, exclaims how happy he is to go to L.A. and comically tells the family how “sexy and clever and funny everyone is there”.

Looking at this episode, the audience is already narrowed to those who can handle such crude topics such as porn, especially if it’s being vocally broadcast on their TV at home. A majority of the demographics are mid-20s to as old as late-50s. Typically males watch more than females, especially considering the show is called Family GUY. The crude topics and old famous people references are a lot for a younger crowd to handle; they just don’t understand the humor. With an older crowd, it allows the writers to expand their vocabulary of jokes and pull humor from just about anywhere and from any topic. With a show like Family Guy, many would assume the target audience is small. However, with a show so controversial, many are actually drawn into it. Not many shows tend to jump the shark or talk about such bizarre topics. Many want to see what the show is about and want to experience what is usually forbidden due to social norms in society.


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