“Grimm” Likes To Tell Fairy Tales With A Twist…

TV Series: Grimm Season 1, Episode 1 & 2 (via Netflix Prime)

Grimm seems to be one of those shows that like to date back to when you were young, laying at the feet of a grandparent, listening to old fairy tale stories like Hansel and Gretel and many others. With a modern twist added into the mix, each episode becomes a guessing game on which fairy tale will be in the spotlight this time.

In the pilot of Grimm, a female college student is seen jogging through the woods, wearing a red hood and listening to music. She stops running when something catches her eye and BAM, she’s attacked and slaughtered by some wolf-like creature. Later on in the episode, a mailman is seen delivering on his normal mail route when a little girl wearing a red hood walks past him on her way to school. He turns around and kidnaps her, taking the girl for his own. If you haven’t guessed, the two girls represent Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH). Slightly different from the original fairy tale, these LRRHs are out minding their own business, not out to visit grandma in the woods. Later on, the killer and kidnapper are found out to be a man, called a “Blutbad”, who identifies as a wolf-like person, wanting to kill anyone who looks like LRRH.

In episode two, Grimm decides to pull a different fairy tale into play; Goldilocks and the three bears. In the fairy tale, Goldilocks enters an empty house, only to eat their food and sleep in their beds. Almost identical in Grimm, Gilda (Goldilocks) enters an empty house with her boyfriend, Rocky, where they drink and make love, only to find out that the “bears” or homeowners are arriving back home. This follows true to the story. The writers then add their own twist of having a ritual for the bears when they turn 18 involving chasing down prey and unfortunately for Gilda, she seems to be the main prey, along with her missing boyfriend, Rocky.

Grimm really seems to have a good grasp on their fairy tales. The incorporate them well into their writing while still putting an entertaining twist to it.


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