“Workplace” – Facebook for Professionals

Social media seems to be the hot thing lately with everyone communicating with each other, commenting on each other’s posts and posting the latest videos on what Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is up to. Some profiles seem to be littered with inappropriate posts and pictures of weddings and night’s out while others have hundreds of pictures of last weeks vacation to Peru.

When employers look at new hires, part of the process usually requires them to search for the potential employee on social media. This allows the employer to get a feel for the behavior and work ethic of the employee and potentially catch them off guard with an inappropriate photo or two. However, with Workplace, invented by Facebook Inc., this problem is avoided. Users can create a professional profile with an up-to-date resume and previous connections, very similar to Facebook’s layout. Workplace includes a news feed from friend’s that one may follow as well as corporate business news and breaking news articles. Users are able to connect with co-workers and other professionals in an appropriate interface. Some features with Workplace include the ability to conference call, join specific groups/organizations and video chat with multiple people at once, similar to Skype.

How I see it is that it is very similar to LinkedIn, where it allows users to create a profile and connect with other workers. LinkedIn also allows users to add skills and endorsements to their profile for others to see and like. As far as the business world goes, Workplace is not much different from LinkedIn. If anything, the only added benefit Workplace has is the ability to like various groups and conference call/video call with teams in them.

As far as the future for Workplace goes, I can see it starting to become a bigger enterprise. However, I believe that Facebook Inc. will have to find the selling point to Workplace over LinkedIn. Right now, both are too similar and Workplace does not stand out. Then again, Facebook Inc. has come up with some great material in the past and I would not doubt it if this interference becomes the new norm for societies and organizations to operate on. Maybe one day Workplace will replace LinkedIn because more people are attracted to the fact that Facebook Inc. made it. Maybe that’s the selling point.


Wired: Facebook’s Workplace


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