TV Autobiography

I remember when I was first introduced to television, it was to my first TV show, Teletubbies. I was probably around the age of five or so when I saw my first episode. All I can remember is not knowing what to make of it. There were dancing furry people with weird bodies and shapes and they made odd noises that were supposedly their names. Taking that that this was a kids show, there really wasn’t much substance to it except for making cookies and singing songs. Somehow I was entertained by that and so Teletubbies it was.

As for right now, the type of television I watch differs greatly from before. Instead of strictly entertainment, I’ve branched off into watching more news and non-fictional programming. I feel like TV has always had a connotation that it rots your brain and it’s a waste of time. For some programs, I completely agree. However, with more and more documentaries and educational series coming out, I believe TV is still a one-stop shop for learning. Of course, that’s up to the audience to decide what they want. I will stick to my non-fictional programming while others watch silly shows like Big Brother.

When I’m usually watching some sort of programming, it’s on the TV itself or on my laptop. Since I’m currently living on campus, I have limited access to cable so my shows consist of Impractical Jokers or CNN News (even though I would like to have Fox News as well). Big favorite is The Weather Channel but I don’t want to be that big of a loser. On my laptop, I usually watch Netflix which I mainly use for odd movies I find or Family Guy. I watch the mind-numbing stuff when I’m bored and tired of school for the day.

As for how I watch my shows, I’m usually distracted by my phone with an occasional text or Snapchat. I most likely will make myself a bowl of popcorn and a glass of milk while I watch. On some occasions, during commercials, I’ll even do a little homework and read.

I guess it’s multi-tasking at it’s finest!



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