What’s this about?


So whether or not you’ve been following my posts from last semester or this is the first time you’re stumbling upon my page, WELCOME! This page was originally created for my classes “The Language of Television” where we criticized TV shows and “The History & Development of TV/Digital Media” where we discussed the development of communication mediums.

Currently, I’m not in any classes that require me to blog on a WordPress, however, I’m taking it upon myself to continue it on for my own purposes as well as yours.


  • Movies
  • Films
  • Media News
  • Internet Gossip
  • My cold, heart opinion

I plan to post about every week or so. Expect them on or around Wednesdays!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blogging. Feel free to comment and disagree. Throw an argument at me. Lets get juicy 🙂